What Mid Size SUV Has The Best Gas Mileage?

Are you planning to get hold of a midsized SUV? If yes, you must be concerned about the vehicle’s mileage. It is quite interesting to noteMid Size With Best Gas Mileage

that the mileages devoured by various sports utility vehicles are different and unique. Conversely, famous car producers have designed many fuel efficient models. Patrons who decide on a fuel efficient SUV will definitely save a lot of money. Moreover, they will keep the environment clean and a wallet without any dents. This article gives a comprehensive overview of the year’s best midsized SUVs with best gas mileages. It is quite interesting to note that world famous names like Range Rover and Audi, did not make a cut through the list!

The impressive Lexus

The list of best midsized SUVs with high mileages is topped by the manufacturer “Lexus”. The brand has framed a unique collection of standards for all its luxury SUVs. There is no other brand in the market, to meet up with the specification ascertained by Lexus. The Lexus RX 450H is a legendary SUV, with a mileage of 32MPG. The impressive model gives a mileage of 28 miles per gallon, when driven on highways. Moreover, its novel braking technology recharges the SUV’s batteries in a fuel efficient manner.

A fine model from Mercedes Benz

Following on, Mercedes Benz has contributed to the list of midsized fuel efficient sports utility vehicles. The ML 450 is regarded as the brand’s finest fuel efficient models. Though the luxury vehicle is not as green and healthy as the Lexus 450H, it does have impeccable features. The model does produce a mileage that is better than many other SUVs. The prestigious SUV will cost you $15,000, more than the standard Lexus 450H. Conversely, it gives a gas mileage of 25MPG. This makes the hybrid model worth its price and name!

One of a kind features from Lincoln

Another inclusion in the list of fuel efficient SUVs would be 2010 Lincoln MKX. The American made model is a luxurious vehicle with “one of a kind” features. With the inception of MKX, Lincoln did fight a strong competition against many other world famous Japanese and European car manufacturers. When it comes to various review sites on fuel efficient cars, the Lincoln MKX has acquired positive remarks. The energy saver runs 25 miles per gallon on highways. Moreover, it pumps out nearly 20 miles per gallon in the city. At a reasonable price of $40,000 the MKX will not rupture your financial stature.

Astounding features of the Acura ZDX

Similarly, the 2010 Acura ZDX holds a special place in the list of fuel efficient sports utility vehicles. Though the model is not as roomy as many other midsized luxury SUVs; it is apt for a petite family! The model comes with astounding safety features. These features will definitely let you enjoy your drive experience. Moreover, the luxury vehicle confers 23 miles per gallon on highways. This is quite high for a vehicle that is well equipped. However, it is wise to remember that the Acura ZDX comes at a very high price of $54,000.